1. General information

1.1. The provision of services under the service is governed by these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement").

1.2. The user agrees to follow the instructions of the administration and complies with the terms of the agreement.

2. Rights, duties and responsibility of both the clients and the authors

2.1. Users pledge to not publish or exchange personal contact details with each other (including email, phone number, Skype, Viber, Telegram nicknames, links to their websites, blogs and/or any other contacts details) in the process of the work. It is prohibited to transfer contacts by any means, including via private messages.

2.2. Users are obliged to communicate with the technical support staff and administration politely, without insults and threats.

2.3. Users are responsible for any activity performed from their accounts, including actions performed by third parties who have access to these accounts.

2.4. Users are responsible for safety of data in their accounts.

3. Rights, duties and responsibility of the Client

3.1. The customer receives the exclusive right to use the articles written within his projects from the moment they are paid.

3.2. The client has the right to reject the author's article if it contains errors, is not original or is not completed according to the TOR.

3.3. The client is required to place the full TOR in the project.

3.4. The client must truthfully approach the verification of the articles written by the authors.

3.5. The customer is prohibited from creating projects that are associated with the:

3.6. The use of an author’s article by the client, in any form, is prohibited if the customer has not paid for it.

4. Rights, duties and responsibility of the Author

4.1. The author has the right to receive payment from the client, if his article does not contain errors, is executed within the specified timeframe and in accordance with the TOR.

4.2. The author has the right to file a complaint with the client within 24 hours after the rejection of his article.

4.3. The author has the right to carry out any projects available to him.

4.4. The author undertakes to write an article on the project and gives the client exclusive right to use it, only after full payment has been made by the client.

4.5. The author undertakes to submit original articles for which he is the genuine author.

4.6. The author undertakes not to use or publish articles written by him, once the rights of use have been transferred to the client.

4.7. In the presence of plagiarism, deliberately distorted text, incorrect data, and grammatical, punctuation and/or stylistic errors within the articles, administration has the right to issue a warning to the author and/or block his account.

4.8. The author is prohibited from disclosing information about the clients' projects. The information is strictly confidential.

5. Rights, duties and responsibility of the Administration

5.1. The administration has the right to deactivate an incorrectly formed project, indicating to the client the errors made in its creation, and/or to block the project if clause 2.2.3. of the agreement is violated.

5.2. The administration has the right to block the user’s account if violations of the agreement are identified. The funds are paid to the user if no fraudulent activity is detected.

5.3. The administration has the right to make changes and improvements in the work of the system, based on its own research and ideas.

5.4. The administration undertakes to monitor the system's operability.

5.5. The administration undertakes to resolve disputes and disagreements that have arisen between the client and the author, in the process of the work. Emerging conflict situations are considered by authorized officials of the administration, who make an independent decision based on the information provided and guided by common sense and agreement data. The decision of the administration is not subject to appeal.

5.6. Administration does not guarantee permanent or unconditional access to the service functionality. The functioning of the system can be violated by actions of unforeseeable forces, as well as other factors, of which the prevention is beyond the scope of the administration.

5.7. Administration is not responsible and does not provide compensation for the occurrence of lost revenue.

5.8. Administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties operating the user’s account, who accessed the account due to the user's fault.

5.9. Administration does not disclose information received from the user. Financial indicators are also not published.

6. System Warranties

6.1. Upon the reservation of a project, guarantees that: 6.1.1. funds on the project’s balance will not be transferred to the author until the client approves his article. Client has 24 hours to check author's article. Otherwise, after the 24 hours lapse, the article will be automatically paid; 6.1.2. funds on the project’s balance are reserved for the author who accepted this project. Payment will be made only if the client approves the article or after 24 hours if the client has not checked the article within the allocated time.

6.2. makes no guarantees other than those specified in this agreement.

7. Commission

7.1. The commission is the payment for services for providing a guaranteed transaction for the sale of text content.

7.2. A commission of 25% of the transaction’s total amount is collected solely from the author, and only in the case of a successfully completed transaction, whereby funds from the client to the author have been transferred.

8. Amendments to the Terms of Use

8.1. The administration has the right to change the terms of the agreement at any time without additional notice to users.

8.2. If the user is not ready to accept the updated agreement, then he must stop using the

9. Refund Policy

9.1. operates on a deposit basis. Once the author commences work on the project, funds relating to the cost per article are reserved, and we cannot offer their refund. The balance of the user’s available funds may be withdrawn from the system at any time. Simply send a withdrawal request to, specifying the desired refund amount and details of the preferred credit card and/or PayPal account, into which the funds will be refunded. All withdrawal transactions are completed within two weeks.

9.2. has a 24-hour-policy of automatic acceptance. The client has 24 hours to take action regarding the article, from the moment it was sent to him for verification. If the client does not take the required action for the article within 24 hours, the article will be automatically accepted and paid for. There are no refunds for accepted articles.