Lifetime Affiliate Program

If you like ContentWeMake as well as we do - then we invite you to participate in our referral program, which we tried to carefully think over so that the most active referers could receive the maximum revenue.

Involve new users in our website content writing service, advertising ContentWeMake, and get up to 25% of our profit!

Create new account or sign in to existing one and get your referral link. Earn with us!

I want to join your team. Let's start

You're allowed to redirect clients from your own website, specially created landings, e-mail lists, from groups in social networks, communities, forums etc. But you have to avoid spam technologies while promoting ContentWeMake services. Otherwise we will have to ban you account!

Your activity is encouraged

ContentWeMake team decided to implement dinamic referral percentage for referrer revenue.

Your income will directly depend on your activity. The more active referrals in your team (referrals who create and run their projects), so, accordingly, your income is more. To pre-calculate your income, you can use the calculator below.

My referrals' thirty-day costs, total
${ refPercentage * 100 | roundValue() | toInt() }%
My income
$${ tweenedNumber | roundValue() }

Define your estimated income

Enter the estimated amount of your team of referrals spend for the period of 30 days. Next, the system will automatically determine for you the percentage of referral deductions.

As a result, you will receive the amount of profit that you receive as a result of the monthly activity of your referrals.

How does it work

Step 1 Get the custom ref link in your account and share it to attract new users. Once user is registered via your ref link - he becames your referral
Step 2 Your referral creates and run a project. Our writer starts to work on it. Once the article is completed and approved - you'll get up to 25% of our profit
Step 3 Accumulate ref revenue on your account balance. Then use it to get high-quality SEO optimized content, e.g. by creating and running projects on ContentWeMake, or withdraw it as soon as you reach the minimum for payment